Invitation official document - Int'l Sauce Expo , Sunchang (20 Oct)

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Dear. Representatives (Dept in charge)

Thank you for your interesting and cooperation about Sunchang Int'l Sauce Expo Bureau.

Actually, I send you an email because I really want to visit the event.

We held a sauce expo for the first time, last year. It was small event but the first Sunchang Int'l Sauce Expo was held in 2016 attracting the attention

of 110,000 visitors, mainly from younger participants.

Especially this year, it will be held together with < Sunchang Gochujang Festival >, which is a representative festival of Sunchang thus there is a growing

interest as it enables to introduce enriched various contents of the region.


Although it is still a small event, we are preparing to offer an opportunity to take an interest in the sauce industry and culture as introducing K-SAUCE,

which is diversely changing at here, and the new aspect of Sunchang in a various way.


We would hereby like to invite domestic and overseas agencies, buyers and people in the food service industry (including chefs etc.), please check the attached information.

We look forward to your visit in the event.

Dead line for application : until 8 Sep, 2017

- Please let me know the application date by email.If the application is delayed

*Attached file

1. Official document

2. PR-Information

3. PR-Poster

4. application

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