Booth Information
  • Categories Booth Type Size Amount
    (Tax excluded)
    Note Booth
    Fee Prefabricated 3m×3m ₩500,000 - Types changeable
    - Based on Premium Types
    Offers Booth Sign 1 Main sign for the booth
    Light 3 Ceiling Lights
    Floor Carpet
    equipment Information Table, 1 Chair
    Electricity Up to 1kw (10:00~18:00 / 3days)
    Interpreter Support 1 person will be supported on the basis of application, however it’s changeable in case of labor shortage.
    -Proficiency interpreters are basic communication level
Guide of Application
  • Categories Contents Note
    Dead line Until end of Jun
    How to apply 1 Download the form of the application
    2 Please submit the application, copy of registration of entrepreneur by e-mail
    Basic submission document
    1) Application
    2) Copy of registration of entrepreneur
    Payment Deadline of Entry Fee 3 Within 1 month after the application deadline Designated bank account will be guided separately
Benefits of participation
  • Category Description Note
    Homepages, Social media (Facebook, instagram, etc),
    Media promotion (broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
    From the confirmation of participation
    until the end date of exhibition
    Marketing support Provide support for consulting between domestic and
    overseas buyers and related information
    Provide consulting opportunities for
    buyers after the event
Progress schedule
  • April~ June July ~August September October
    Recruiting domestic and foreign
    -Payment for entry fee
    - Confirm the participation
    - Submit additional documents
    Final guidance for participation
    - Briefing session
    (Furnishings, booth location,
    composition of the event venue, etc.)
    Hosting the event and
Participation inquiry

    Office : Sunchang Sauce Expo Bureau
    Address: 2F, 65 Jokyungdan Rho, Dukjin Gu Jeonju City, Jeonbuk South Korea(postal code 54930)
    Tel : +82-63-275-6945, +82-63-272-6998
    Fax: +82-63-272-6995
    Email :
    URL :