Sauce Entertainment

  • Sauce Lecture ‘Food Show’

    - A chef’s demonstration using Sunchang sauce
    (Korea’s famous 7 chefs will demonstrate)
    - Talk & Lecture to see, listen, talk and taste

    Apply in advance

  • Sauce Special Hall: 2017 The Sunchang Representative Sauce Award

    -Sunchange fermentation exhibition
    -Sunchang sauce special exhibition
    -Sunchang culture & tourism promotion zone
    -Back-to-the-farm & return to rural farm tour exhibition
    -Food characters exhibition

  • Street sauce food zone

    - Food trucks using recipes of Sunchang cooking contest
    - Eating shows with a variety of foods

  • Beer and chicken festival

    - Beer and chicken using the sauce develped by liaison between Sunchang and KyoChon
    -Fried chicken and beer? NO NO its traditional chicken and beer handed down from generation to generation.

  • Street Music

    - Bridge concerts linking the Sauce Expo and Gochujang Festival
    - Piano, saxophone, trumpet performances on the street

  • Business Pavillion / R&D

  • - Sauce Hall (domestic and overseas companies)
    -Sunchang Fermentation Hall
    -Sauce Special Hall
    - Special exhibition of the fermentation microorganism industry
    - Sunchang Gochujang forum

  • Industries (B2B B2C)

  • - Industrial marketing between domestic and overseas buyers and participating companies
    - B2C marketing for participating companies to discover consumers

Hands-on experience events

Making a glittering Meju (a fermented soybean block)
Making Gochujang with a bike

Events to participate

Sunchang Gochujang parade to lay off the presents at king’s feet
Making 2017 servings of Gochujang Tteok-bokki
Making 2017 servings of Gochujang Bibimbap

Various exhibitions and food market

Learn more about Sunchang Gochujang Festival

Red Taste Project, Gochujang ‘Red-day’

★ I almost soaked through Gochujang★

There are a variety of benefits at the Sunchang Int’l Sauce Expo and Sunchang Gochujang Festival if you come dressed in red
If there are red points such as red clothes, hats, scarves and shoes then it’s all OK!

Red points benefits at the Sunchang Int’l Sauce Expo

① Put on a red point clothes and take a picture at the event venue of the Sunchang Int’l Sauce Expo
② Upload the pictures in your social media with hashtag #Sunchang Int’l Sauce Expo #RedTasteProject
③Give a thumbs up on official Sunchang Int’l Sauce Expo facebook page OR follow instagram official account, kr.saucexpo
④ Show to the staff members of operation bureau at Sunchang Int’l Sauce Expo
⑤ Get a voucher for tasting ‘fermented coffee’ which is the emerging representative beverage of Sunchang
⑥ Also you will get a discount at Sunchang Gochujang Festival when you purchasing food and souvenirs!