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  • ○ Name of the event : 2016 Int‘l Sauce Expo (The 1st)-Int'l Sauce Expo,2016

    ○ Period of the event : 5th(Thus)~8th(Sun)May2016 / For4days

    ○ Venue of the event : Sunchang Jeollabuk-do - Fermenting Sauce Underground Tunnel gochujang, the whole
    arear of gochujang(red pepper paste) village

    ○ Size of the event : 10,000sqm, 100 companies, 60 booths, 1,000 exhibited items

    ○ Visitors : 145,000 (From other areas 85%, From Jeonbuk area 15%)

    ○ Items of the event : Sauce, Dressing, Jam, Syrup, Oil, Spices, Sauce Constrainers and etc.

    ○ Main events : Special programs, exhibition for domestic and foreign companies, sauce experience, chef
    demonstration, seminar, multi pavilion for sauce, "Jibbab"- Sunchang food court(linked program with
    gochujang village)

    ○ Host and Organizer : Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Sunchang district/ Internationals Sauce Expo Bureau

Event configuration and program
  • Section programs
    The 1st
    event venue
    Pavilion for Domestic
    and Overseas
    11 countries, 60 booths, Sauce exhibition and promotion of 100 companies
    Experiences 1) Experiencing the Sauce Theme : Experiencing 13 Kinds of Sauces
    2) Experiencing Sauce Food : Experiencing 5 kinds of Sauce Foods
    Open stage Performance, Commissioning of honorary ambassadors, Signing event and etc
    The 2nd
    event venue
    Open house " Surcharg village typed food court" which 42 companies has participating "Jibbab“ event of Let's eat at home
    Sauce lecture "Sauce Queen’s Sauce Talk Lecture" at Sauce Experience Hall
    Chef Bae Ye Hwan & Korean master of yeast sauce Lee In-Ja "take a story of sauce"
    The 3rd
    event venue
    Multi-Flex Pavilion for
    Fermenting Sauce
    Underground Tunnel
    Operating 5 Exhibition Halls and Fermenting Cafe.
    World Sauce Planning Hall, Sunchang Promotion Hall, Sauce Media Art Hall, Sauce Gallery Hall, Maturation Hall, Fermenting Cafe
Introduction of Main Characters including Public Ambassador
  • Categories Name Introduction
    Bae Ye Hwan

    쉐프 배예환

    • By establishing brand “Delhi Yehwan”, she has used sauce and dressing to enjoy every meal to
    anyone and become Queen of Sauce

    • Swiss Grand Hotel Chef, Korean T.G.I.F Founding Member

    • Restaurant Pison, Yehwan Open Owner Chef

    • Former President’s Chef, Korea First Dressing Delhi Open

    Hong Yoon Hwa

    개그우먼 홍윤화

    • She disguised “Big Mama Lee Hye-Jung“ who is best Student of Cuisine in Korea, as gag
    material and made character ‘Pick Mama’. Having harmonized gag and cook, She contributes
    to cook-broadcasting and becomes rising star.

    Cooking specialist
    Lee In-Ja

    요리연구가 이인자

    • Korean master of yeast sauce working in Organization of Korean Fermentation Food Pizza Kumamoto, Japan

    • Invention 16 kinds of Products salt yeast, black sauce yeast, product yeast etc. by using rice
    yeast and playing a important role to notify yeast.

    Eugene Park


    • Korean-American genius electronic violinist, First album becomes Platinum. His performance
    will be added his own character as well as Sauce color

Result of the

Results of participated companies and visitors
Media evaluation - Online media
  • Date Name of News Magazine Contents URL
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    Companies Participation
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    Apr. 18 Newsis Holding May 5thSunchangWorldSauceExhibition short cut
    Apr. 25 Kyung Hyang Daily How do taste World 100 kinds of Sauces. short cut
    Apr. 27 Jeonbuk Daily Let’s meet the Chef who worked in Blue house, in Sunchang World Sauce
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    May 5 Asian Economics Chef Ye-Hwan, Sauce Queen, meets Hawaii Sauce. short cut
    May 6 World Ilbo Holding Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition to meet World Sauces short cut
    May 6 Gukje news Only One Sauce Made by Sunchang Citizen short cut
    May 6 News1 Lee In-Ja, Yeast Sauce Queen, will give a Lecture in Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition short cut
    May 7 Gukje news Gathering Young People in Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition short cut
    May 7 World News Publicity ‘Pick Mama’, Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition Ambassador short cut
    May 8 Jeonbuk
    domin Daily
    Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition visited 11,000 people. short cut
    May 8 News1 Satisfaction of Participant Companies in Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition short cut
    May 9 Economic Review Sunchang-gun, Closing 4days Sauce Festival short cut
Media evaluation - Main Publicity of TV Broadcasting
  • Date Name of Broadcasting Contents URL
    May 9 MBC News Desk The Eye of Anchor – Catching 0.1 Billions Sauce Market short cut
    May 10 MBC News Today World Wellbeing, Black Sauce, Red Pepper Sauce, and etc. Popularity of
    Traditional Market
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    May 13 KBS News Square 「News Diagnosis」 Success of the Festival is Industrialization search for May 13, 2016
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    May 12 Jeonbuk Live TV Falling in Sauce Attraction Sunchang World Sauce Exhibition short cut

to develop
sauce expo

○ Sauce is expanding as an important mediator that actively accepts the food culture of each country.

○ Diversifying from mayonnaise and ketchup, which are the largest sauces in the Korean sauce industry

- As the income level was improved in the 1970s and 1980s, the consumption of processed food increased, and the instant retort food was launched. The consumption amount went unparalleled and the it became diversified into curry sauce and black bean sauce

○ New business that creates high added value. As sauce industry being called as semiconductor in industry of food

- The domestic sauce and dressing market is currently estimated at 1 trillion KRW, and the global sauce product market is expected to reach 80 trillion won ($ 72 billion)

○ The sauce industry market is growing as the single person population grows and the variety of needs of the consumers.
There is a compulsive need for developing sauce

- Especially, it is necessary to revitalize related programs to find various sauces and expand the base, as it is a significant category that can expand the influence of consumption centering on Asia, which is a similar food culture region.