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International Sauce Expo

A specialized event started as part of the sauce industrialization project by the Korean government.
「Promotional·Market」exhibition event that sheds new light on "sauce", which is at the center of each country's unique food culture,
in various ways as cultural and industrial value and opens new possibilities.

Frequency of the event : Once a year
Event period : 3 or 4 days
Event venue : The whole region of Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

  • First Event Hall
    Market Promotion
  • Second Event Hall
    Red chili pepper
    sauce Village
  • Third Event Hall
    Fermenting Sauce
    Underground Tunnel

Size of the Event : 10,000sqm, 200 booths
Number of Visitors : Around more than 100,000
Categories : Sauce, Dressing, Spice, Syrup, Jam, Oil, Drink, Beverage etc.
Program : Sauce Planning Pavilion, Market Promotion Pavilion, Sauce Square, Sauce Entertainment and Sauce Food & Tour
Organized by : Korean Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Sunchang-gun
Manged by : Sunchang Sauce Expo Bureau (Tel.+82-63-275-6945, +82-63-272-6998)

Can be changed to a basic program

Name of the Program Contents
Special Program Sauce performance
Special Stage Opening & Closing ceremony, Chef’s sauce & art
Market promotion Pavilion Domestic and Overseas
(importing) Company
Multi-market pavilion including exhibition, publicity, counseling and sales 
Business Counseling Free Counseling with Buyers Free counseling with buyers at exhibition hall
Taste Playground Making products by using DIY sauces
Sauce Playground Making new tastes by compounding diverse sauces
Cook Playground Cooking for making use of diverse sauces
Food Corner Open House Food court by compounding regions
Lecture Sauce Lecture Chef’s sauce demonstration 
Multi-Media Pavilion Indoor World Sauce Planning Hall, Sauce Media Art Hall, Sauce Gallery Hall,
Fermenting Cafe, Regional Publicity Hall 
Outdoor Food tour and others
Seminar Sauce themed lecture
  • First Event Hall

    Market Promotion Pavilion

    Business counseling

    Sauce Entertainment

  • Second Event Hall

    Food Corner


    Sauce Food & Tour etc

  • Third Event Hall

    Special exhibition for Sauce

    Media Art

    Fermenting Cafe and etc